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Sweet Cherry: Sandra Rose

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Sandra Rose is a self-fertile sweet cherry tree that produces large, dark red cherries with excellent flavour. 

Rootstock: Mazzard. Full-size, most popular cherry rootstock for centuries. Relatively tolerant of wet and heavy soils compared to other cherry rootstocks.

Fruit: Ripe in the middle of cherry season. The cherries aren't as firm as some other cultivars, which has limited Sandra Rose as a commercial variety, because they don't hold up as well through weeks of shipping and storage. But this variety works fine for the home orchardist. 

Uses: Fresh eating, and any other use you can think of - dried, juice, preserves, pies, and more.  

Parentage: Released 1997. (Star x Van) × Sunburst. See this pedigree chart for more details.

Pollination: Self-fertile, and an excellent pollenizer for other sweet cherries. It flowers relatively late.


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