Welcome! A few important notes:


  • Close to Guelph? Picking up directly from my location in Guelph is free.
  • If you're within about 20 km from Guelph, I can deliver for a small fee.
  • I won't be shipping beyond this for the time being.


  • I have a limited selection this year, with much more to come next year. If you'd like species or cultivars that I don't carry, I recommend Silver Creek Nursery.
  • If you're looking for pawpaws, talk to me after this growing season! I'm growing hundreds but they need to size up.


  • My heartnuts are potted, but the pears and cherries are bare root - this means that they are dug and shipped while dormant, in early spring. For more info on bare root trees, check out this great article by Akiva Silver, an orchardist I find inspiring.

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