All questions and inquiries are welcome.

Let’s honour that old apple tree,

select the best berry bushes for your yard,

or plant a food forest for the neighbourhood children.

More about the location: Ignatius Farm is part of the Ignatius Jesuit Centre. The property is approximately 500 acres, and is a hub of organic agriculture, hosting an organic vegetable farm & CSA, a community orchard, many community garden plots, research projects, and multiple small businesses like my own, including Eramosa Herbals, Seed Soil & Spirit School, Origin Native Plants, May Moon Flowers, Sundance Harvest, and more.

About my approach as a teacher: I promise you kindness, dignity, warmth, excitement, attentive listening, thoughtful questions, supportive mentorship, hands-on learning opportunities, and no bullshit (figuratively, that is; I highly value cow manure).

More of the topics we'll cover:

  • The relationship between branch training, pruning, and early productivity.
  • Fruit tree physiology and pollination biology.
  • Propagation by seed, layering, and bud grafting.
  • Soil fertility management; how to test, interpret results, and translate rates.
  • Integrated Pest Management, mainstream organics, and holistic approaches.
  • Orchard/food forest design, siting, spacing, sourcing, and developing a management plan.