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Korean Giant, a disease-resistant Asian pear with large fruits that store well.

Asian Pear: Korean Giant

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A standout Asian pear with large fruits that store well, with excellent disease resistance. Korean Giant is of the Asian pear species, Pyrus pyrifolia. Asian pears differ from European pears (Pyrus communis) in that they are generally round and crisp when ripe, rather than oblong and slightly soft when ripe. Korean Giant is also known as Ar-ri-rang, Arirang, and Olympic.

Rootstock: OHxF 97 - 75-90% fullsize.

Fruit: Large fruit that ripens relatively late (mid-late autumn), and stores very well. An excellent tree to give you fresh pears all winter. 

Uses: Fresh eating, winter storage, dried pear slices, cider, canning, and more. Great for pollinators, beautiful, and ornamental.

Disease resistance: Among the most fire blight-resistant Asian pears. 

Parentage: Unknown parentage. From Korea. 

Pollination: Requires cross-pollination with a different pear cultivar. Read my article on fruit tree pollination for more information. 


Organic Pear Production.

Image source Dan Stein of Ontario Pear