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Aitkin Peach

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One of my most exciting varieties is a peach tree that has been cherished by a local family since at least the Great Depression - grown first in Galt, and more recently in Guelph. This peach tree has grown true-to-type from seed over many successive generations, and consistently produces a delicious, quality crop. The woman who kindly shared its seeds with me for growing has asked it to be named the Aitkin peach after the line of her family who has stewarded this variety.

These pictures are of the Aitkin peach, and it's bounty, from this past summer here in Guelph. Some people are surprised to learn peaches can grow well in Guelph, but these picture attest to the fact that peaches can indeed thrive here. 

Sun-ripened homegrown peaches are divine. I dehydrated them as slices and as fruit leather, I make pies, I can them, I freeze them. I love them. And I'd love to help you enjoy these fruits as well.