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Burbank plum

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Burbank is a Japanese plum with deep reddish-orange skin and yellow flesh. They are excellent eaten fresh, but can be dehydrated, used for jam, or many other culinary uses.

Like other plums, Burbank has beautiful white flowers that light up your yard in spring. And like all Japanese plums, Burbank blooms a little earlier than European plums, so there is a risk that in some years their flowers get damaged by late frosts.

Burbank requires cross-pollination from a different Japanese plum – for example, Toka or Brookgold from our nursery.

Burbank is named after the famous plant breeder Luther Burbank, and originated from a seedling plum that he imported from Japan in 1885.


Burbank plum description from North Carolina State University

Burbank plum description from Arbor Day Foundation.

Image: Dave Wilson Nursery.