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Harrow Delight, a European pear variety known for disease resistance and delicious fruit.

Harrow Delight European Pear

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An improvement upon the classic Bartlett pear. Excellent flavour, disease resistant, early to ripen, and cold hardy to zone 4.

Fruit: Ripe mid-August, when the fruit begins to turn yellow. Large fruit with a buttery texture when ripe. 

Uses: Fresh eating, dehydrating, cider, sauce, canning, and more. Like all pears trees, great for pollinators, beautiful and ornamental.

Disease resistance: Highly resistant to pear scab, and fire blight, a deadly disease of pears and other pome fruits.

Pollination: Requires cross-pollination with a different pear cultivar. Read my article on fruit tree pollination for more information. 

Parentage: One parent is Bartlett, and the other parent is a cross of Old Home and Early Sweet. Developed at the Harrow Research Station in southwestern Ontario. Propagated for trial in 1976, and publicly released in 1983. 

Rootstock: OHxF 87.