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Toka Plum

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Toka is an incredibly tasty plum that is sometimes called the bubblegum plum – and I can attest that this fruit really does taste like candy. The fruit is purple-red on the outside with yellow, aromatic flesh.

Cold hardiness: Toka is cold hardy to at least zone 4 (for reference, see this map of Canada’s Plant Hardiness Zones – Guelph is zone 5b). Japanese/Asian plums generally flower earlier than European plums, and so there is a slight risk of a late hard frost damaging their flowers, but I believe Toka's fruits are worth the risk.

Pollination: Self-fertile. Toka is a hybrid of a Japanese plum (Prunus salicina) and an American plum (Prunus americana) and is a great pollinator for both Japanese plums and native plums (but not European plums, which are only cross-pollinated with other European plums).

Rootstock: Marianna 2624.


Tree fruit culture and varieties in North Dakota.

Japanese-American hybrid plums.

Image 1: Glority.

Image 2: Daniel Wachenheim.