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Akane Apple

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Akane was developed in Japan, and Akane means 'deep red' in Japanese, describing the colour of the fruit. Akane apples ripen relatively early in the season, and is regarded as one of the best early-season apples. These are not storage apples, and are best eaten relatively soon after harvest.

Fruit: Akane fruit is crisp, juicy, aromatic, moderately sweet and slightly tart. Some people say there are notes of strawberry flavour. Excellent for pies and fresh eating, but also good for cooking, apple sauce, dehydrating, and more.

Disease resistance: Resistant to apple scab and powdery mildew, and moderately resistant to fire blight and cedar apple rust.

Parentage: Jonathan x Worcester Pearmain. Also known Primrouge in France, and Prime Red in the US.

Rootstock: EMLA 106


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