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Freedom Apple

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Freedom is named for the freedom it givers growers from the need to protect against common apple diseases. Researchers at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station grew it for decades without any disease-controlling sprays, and the fruits grew totally fine. They released the variety to the public in 1983, and the variety is especially useful for those who have risk of disease pressure in their location. 

Fruit: Best for fresh eating, applesauce, apple pie, or dehydrating. Does not store long; best used fresh. 

Disease resistance: Resistant to all common apple diseases - apple scab, fire blight, cedar apple rust, powdery mildew, and canker diseases are not problems for this tree. 

Parentage: Freedom's grandparents include Golden Delicious, Macoun (which comes from McIntosh and Jersey Black), and Antinovka (a Russian variety famous for cold hardiness, disease resistance, and growing relatively true-to-type from seed).

Rootstock: EMLA 106


Freedom Cultivar Release Article.

Image 1: Minneopa Orchards.

Image 2: Horsford Gardens & Nursery.