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Harbrite Peach

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Harbrite is a cold hardy peach developed at Ontario's Harrow Research Station. It's cold hardy to at least zone 5b, which means it can grow fine in Guelph and most of southern Ontario. It's a delicious freestone peach with yellow-red skin and yellow flesh, and is great for fresh eating, canning, dehydrating, or preserving in other ways. 

Disease resistance: Resistant to gummosis, bacterial spot, and brown rot.

Pollination: Self-fertile; one tree will produce a fine crop.

Parentage: Redskin x Sunhaven.

Rootstock: Bailey seedling.


Ontario Peach and Nectarine cultivars from OMAFRA.

Field Resistance of Peach Cultivars to Gummosis Disease.

Image from Lumigreen.