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Harrow Diamond peach

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Harrow Diamond is a delicious, productive, cold hardy peach (able to survive winters down to high minus-20s) that is widely grown commercially. It was developed at Ontario's Harrow Research Station and released in 1984.

Harrow Diamond is great for fresh eating, canning, preserving, and other processing. The fruit does not brown quickly when cut, which lends itself to certain culinary uses.

Like other peaches, it has beautiful pink flowers in spring. It ripens as early as late July.

 Disease resistance: Resistant to bacterial spot and brown rot, and has few split-pits (some varieties are more prone to split-pits, where the pit and top of the fruit splits open, which often leads to damage from insects and fungi).

Pollination: Self-fertile; one tree will produce a fine crop.

Parentage: Redskin x Harbinger.

Rootstock: Bailey seedling.


Harrow Diamond cultivar release article.

Ontario Peach and Nectarine cultivars from OMAFRA.

Image 1: The Urban Orchardist.

Image 2: Zahradnictvi Spomysl.

Image 3: The Urban Orchardist.