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Newtown Pippin Apple

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Newtown Pippin is an apple with a lot of history behind it. It is one of the oldest varieties in use today, having originated as a chance seedling in New York in the 18th century (Newtown refers to New York, and Pippin is an old word for an apple seedling).

Fruit: It's flavour is a mix of sweet, tart, tangy, and floral. It is harvested late in the year, in October, and is best eaten after at least one month in storage, making it an excellent apple to eat through the winter. Famed as a cider and cooking apple, but also good for fresh eating.

Disease resistance: Resistant to cedar apple rust, so a good choice if junipers are near to your planting site. Not known for resistance to other common apple diseases.

Rootstock: EMLA 106.


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