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Redhaven Peach

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Redhaven (also called Red Haven) is a delicious freestone peach that is great for fresh eating, canning, freezing, and other processing. It is ripe around mid-August, and is cold hardy to at least zone 5, meaning it can grow fine in Guelph and most of southern Ontario.

It has been grown commercially since 1940, and remains one of the most widely-grown peach varieties in the world. Yet Redhaven is not a peach you'll see in grocery stores, because the tree's crop ripens over several weeks – which is great for the home orchardist, because we get to eat tree-ripened fruit on a daily basis – whereas it is more economical for commercial growers to harvest a crop that is all ripe at once.

Disease resistance: Moderate resistance to peach leaf curl.

Pollination: Self-fertile; one tree will produce a fine crop.

Parentage: Halehaven x Kalhaven. Developed by Michigan plant breeder Stanley Johnson, who introduced ten varieties of cold hardy peaches.

Rootstock: Bailey seedling.


Peach and Nectarine cultivars from OMAFRA.

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