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Sabina Apple

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The Sabina apple is named in honour of Dr. Sabina Stan, a retired researcher with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, who contributed to the development of the cultivar. Sabina apple trees are known to be precocious and productive, and often grow wide branch angles which are easy to train to an ideal structure.

The fruit is best as a dessert/fresh-eating apple, but can be processed in any number of ways. It has a yellow background with partial red blush, with some skin russeting (a quality that can help in organic growing, and that lends a texture that I personally like, but commercial markets don't like as much for the appearance).

The cultivar release article describes the fruit as “firm, moderately juicy, sweet-tart, and intensely flavorful.” A unique quality of the fruit is that it does not brown once sliced, so can be used for culinary purposes while retaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Disease resistance: The plant breeders who grew Sabina for 25 years in a test orchard found no incidence of fire blight, and only small incidence of apple scab, indicating at least partial resistance to these two common diseases of apple trees. 

Parentage: Sandow x Schöner aus Nordhausen. Sandow is an open pollinated seedling of Northern Spy, and the other's parentage is unknown.

Rootstock: EMLA 106.


Sabina cultivar release article.